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(-10%) Yepzon

Yepzon One & Freedom

Do you have any pets, old parents or are you always in wanderlust?

Take a look at the new devices from Yepzon!

They have many different gps-trackers for any situation. If you have a dog or cat, who’s outside most of the time you always have your dearest in mind. But you can’t always follow them around the house or even neighborhood. The new tracker is light, sends data via 3G or WiFi, is shock and even waterproof and has an enormous battery life lasting several weeks!

If you have any older parents or grandparents which also like to spent their time outside the Yepzon Freedom is the perfect safety device for them. It is, like the Yepzon One shock and waterproof and it has a “SOS”-button for emergency situations!


The Yepzon One and Freedom are now, with our discount code, available for only 80€ instead of 80€ (Yepzon One) and 134€ instead of 149€ (Yepzon Freedom)


Use the code on the website www.yepzon.com in the discount-field at the billing-page!

The discount-code is on all products applicable!


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